Hello all –  welcome to the site.

This is my first post and I thought I’d just type out a brief intro to the site, on top of what I’ve already put on the About page. I’ve always enjoyed looking at blogs on the internet and thought I should probably stop being so selfish, looking at other peoples’ projects (stealing their ideas), and put some of my own work up on the internet to share! Not that I think I’m the perfect modeller or an expert painter, but I’m sure everyone has a tip or trick to share that can be useful.

The sites I enjoy the most tend to be fairly picture heavy, mainly because painting is my favourite part of the hobby. Therefore I’m intending on making this site as visual as possible although I’ll hopefully be able to squeeze some written content in as well when I get time.

The first thing I’m hopefully going to do is get photos of my collections on-line, I have a fairly eclectic mix of forces from fantasy and science fiction to historical. As well as a large range of scales from 6mm up to the usual 28mm. Like most people in the hobby I have a serious collection problem that I’m constantly having to keep in check and prevent myself from going overboard by buying yet another game. Wargaming is an addiction!

Anyway, I’m hoping to find time to publish at least one new post a week, as well as getting more photos on-line.  I’d like to write some game reviews on the rule-sets I own, some painting blog posts to show how I do my figures (not exactly to a professional level but a quicker way of getting some half-decent results hopefully), and maybe even an article on how I photograph my miniatures (something I’ve recently tried to improve on and I’m seeing some steady results…).  Although I’d expect it’ll probably just end up with general thoughts on the hobby, and whatever else I can come up with or takes my fancy.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts or pictures, constructive criticism is always welcome…

The site’s fairly new so it’ll take me awhile to get everything up and running, galleries set-up etc.



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