Tiger Claw Army

Final set of pictures – the main bulk of my (once glorious) Tiger Claw 40k army. This was a fantastic Army to construct and paint, I had loads of fun doing it, in fact I’ve still got bits of it left unpainted now. Sadly the game didn’t live up to expectations and grew less and less fond of playing it as it grew more and more frustrating – I just don’t have the capacity for the meta! My force would inevitably always be beaten by an opposition who knew all the rules and and all the bonuses and buffs and some super unit which rolled 1000 dice. Compared to my well balanced Army of no-frills Space Marines I never stood a chance! But for all the failings it was a fantastic army to collect and paint. There are so many options out there to customise a force from lots of different companies it’s a great collection piece in itself.  I almost can’t bear to part with it thinking of all the time I spent on it and how nice it looks but I figure I can’t cling to the past and have hundreds of figures hidden away in a box which I’ll never play with again – very unwargamer I know. In any case this is my Tiger Claws chapter army, lots of pictures below. I’ve just put them all on eBay so we’ll see how/if they sell!

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