Salute 2017

I was lucky enough to attend Salute 2017 at the weekend – a really good day out and undoubtedly one of the best shows in the country as far as wargaming goes. If you’ve never been before its well worth taking the trip down. Held at the London ExCel Centre the hall is huge and not only bring together a vast array of wargaming stores and shops but also cos-players, re-enactors, and most importantly – games!  I really enjoy it every time I go down not only in seeing all the fantastic displays, miniature painting and battles but also for the social aspect of meeting a talking the huge variety of hobbyists there.  It’s great to get to know what everyone is up to and what the popular games are and my favourite part of the show is definitely the gaming tables where I’m always so impressed with the levels of dedication and effort clubs and groups have put into some of the display and participation games.

I’ve actually only ever gone to the show as a visitor once, the last few occasions I’ve attended with the Clockwork Goblin team, helping to run their Konflikt’47 stand with Warlord Games. This is loads of fun and, based on a stand you generally spend the day talking to plenty of visitors about the game (and the hobby in general) and each time I’ve been is good to see the enthusiasm for the game on the rise and this Salute was no different and the Konflikt’47 area seemed to be constantly swamped with both veteran Konflikt players and curious passersby alike.  I’ve included (a bad) picture below of the table, my only one of the day as I was so busy!

We were fortunate to have quite a few helpers this year which enabled me to have a bit of time to look round the show without having to do a mad-dash around all the places I needed to buy stuff from! Unlike previous years, however, I hadn’t really turned up with much of a shopping list and so has a great time just wondering around and seeing what I fancied so my final haul was a good mix of stuff:

In summary:

  • Gate of Antares Concord reinforcements – big drive at the moment to get a playable Army together.
  • A new X-Wing Scum ship – my chosen faction (and some bases as I’ve got a warped one).
  • Some Inks from Scale 75 – hoping to change up some of my painting with these.
  • Some scenery pillars – I’ve got an idea for a cool ruined temple scenery design.
  • A Opel Blitz truck – Bolt Action reinforcements, you can never go wrong with a truck!
  • 40 x 40mm bases – For a massed battle plan…
  • A Word Forge Devil’s Run ‘Dominator’ vehicle – really cool model, but I would say that I sculpted it!

At lot less than I was expecting to get – I can came very close to buying Dropfleet Commander, but loads of fun stuff that’s going to keep me occupied for quite a while. I’ll have to post up again once it’s constructed and painted. Time for a rest now before getting back to more hobby…

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