Panhuman Concord


…and I’m done – phew! This is a Gates of Antares force for the Panhuman Concord.  I’ve just finished the last few units and am declaring it done (for now…).  This has been a really nice force I really like the concept behind the Sci-Fi of Gates of Antares and all the drones that are used, especially the utility they add to the force. This lot was mainly build around the plastic sprues you get in the Gates of Antares starter box with a few additions.  Its not really game optimised at all, more just consisting of units I like the look of and whatever I could get my hands on at the time.  The Concord plastic sprues are really good, they come with not only the standard strike squad troopers but also spotter drones and light support drones so you get a nice force from the off. I’ll admit I didn’t find the troopers the best models to paint, the detail was a little subtle to show some really good painted features, but it’s also probably a little bit my fault for picking a white scheme and having to paint lots of layers! I did, however, have a go a cutting some of the figures up to re pose them. These I painted black and setup as my command squad to protect which ever leader model I end up using in a game:

I’ve also added an X-Launcher so I’ve got some sort of support weapon system for the force:

Also, as there wasn’t any of the large combat drones available when I went to buy one (I had to settle for a transporter drone) I thought I’d better add some extra firepower in the form of a C3D2 Medium Support Drone with Plasma Cannon:

That’s it! I’m pretty pleased with these. Time to move on to the opposition and try my hand at some Ghar…

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