More Pictures!

Yet more pictures processed and uploaded. This time some misc figures I completed a while ago, again sci-fi ones. A very small 40K chaos force, which I think came fully from the Dark Vengeance box-set, nice minis but if I’m honest I’m not too keen on the chaos aesthetic. They were good to paint but I just wasn’t that into them and I don’t think I did as good a job as I could have done, they still turned out ok though.

The second batch of pictures were testers for a possible Imperial Guard force where I took a few bit and bobs from various manufacturers and combined them to make some interesting sci-fi WWI type figures. I can’t even remember what all the bits are or where they came from but I think there were some from Victoria Miniatures (the weapons and arms, possibly even the heads) and the torsos and legs came from elsewhere. In either case they turned out nicely. I also got one of the Corporation leader models from Mantic games who I thought looked the part as their boss. The project never really went beyond this stage. Buy separate parts and assembling your own miniatures is expensive!

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