Marauders-9I’ve added quiet a few new gallery images over the past few weeks and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to highlight some of my favourites by way of a blog post.  My intention is to (slowly) get through my models collection adding in new galleries and games-pages as I go to really build out the warterrier site and make it an interesting page to visit and browse… hopefully… In any case, first up is my Marauders force from Mantic Games.  These guys are for Deadzone, a nice little game from Mantic which is essentially a sci-fi skirmish board game with some of the Mantic battlezones scenery to create a nice 3D board.  Worth having a go, although I don’t actually own the game myself. I bought this faction as a starter set just to join in at my local club with others who had backed the Kickstarter.

As with a lot of games they tend to in and out of favour and I think I’ve only actually played one game with this lot until everyone stopped playing and moved on to the next big thing, but such is life.  I was glad to read that on the most recent Mantic Games Kickstarter, Warpath, that the Marauders are going to make a return as a mercenary unit which is great news.  Although even if this wasn’t on the cards I really like the character of this warband and also the theme of Orks out of their usual type-cast role of savage ill-disciplined warriors and into a crack team of commando raiders. Just the sort of thing to inspire you into a side-game of a Ork Special Forces raiding party, maybe a  ‘smash-and-grab’ hostage rescue scenario, or spaceship boarding party.

I’m usually a bit put of Mantic figures because of the Restic material and they do tend to be on the cheap-production sort of side when compared to other manufacturers but these have cleaned up really nicely and I’ve tried to give them a very Afrika Korps sort of look to try to tie them into that disciplined unit feel I get from the models.

Strangely I can’t seem to find Deadzone on the Mantic Games site to provide a link so maybe they’re waiting for a re-print.  In any case here are a couple of highlights from the gallery:


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