Introducing the War-Pup

Just a quick blog post to mention that the War Terrier now has a new sidekick – the War-Pup!

The War-Pup

The War-Pup is a  Border Terrier-Patterdale Terrier mix (generally the worse and most badly behaved traits from each breed, or so it seems so far…).  Similar to her big brother she’s not that into wargaming but is into chewing things big-time (including plastic miniatures) and running around generally being a devil-dog.  Although much like the War Terrier she also likes to join me on the desk whilst I’m painting for moral support, colour opinion and technique criticism as well as improving her vantage point of squirrels and pigeons in the garden, of course. She’s also very distracting when I’m intent on some delicate brush operation or trying to concentrate on a key army build!

In any case, an excellent second wargaming hobby companion.  Here’s some pictures of her to finish the post – enjoy!

The War-Pup lazing

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