Ghar Empire and WWII Truck

More painting done! This time it’s completion of a Ghar Empire force and a WWII German Opel Blitz Truck.

If you’re not already aware the Ghar Empire figures are part of the Gates of Antares range from Warlord Games. I’ve completed a small force, mainly formed around the plastic models in the starter set. It’s a good starter force as it’s a low-model count army. I tried to do a battered rust affect using Chipping Medium. I’ve not used it too much before but I’m pretty happy with the results although some of the rust patches look more like part of a desert camo scheme, but I suppose it works just as well. These were quite nice to paint and present a few interesting options.

The second model competed is an Opel Blitz German WWII truck. Again, it’s a Warlord Games model, a mix of resin and metal parts. I had to paint the driver and the inside of the cab separately to ensure I could get access to paint the detail. I tried to a bit of blending on this model, don’t think I quite got it right but the results are not too bad and quite pleased with it.


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