Tiger Claws

Chapter Background

TigerClaw-MarineThe Tiger Claws are a Space Marines chapter from the forty first millennium.  Originally descended from the Astral Claws Chapter they were declared destroyed almost fourteen centuries earlier. Although thought a dead chapter, a lone Strike Cruiser, the Bakasurra, reappeared after having been lost in the Warp (subject of severe time distortion) on the edge of the Segmentum Pacificus.  The ship contained over a hundred battle brothers of the once lost chapter.

Although attempting to recover their gene-seed stores on Holy Terra the Tiger Claws envoy (Captain Vetala) mysteriously went missing whilst awaiting the petition hearing.  The remaining survivors supposedly sought refuge in the ranks of the Astral Claws where they took part in the Badab War on the side of the rebel forces.  Supposedly joining the Astral Claws in their defeat at the hands of the loyalist chapters and their transition into the renegade space marine warband, the Red Corsairs.
Tiger_Claws_Badge-T2Chapter Facts:

  • Founding – 36th Millennium (21st ‘Cursed’ Founding)
  • Successors of – Astral Claws (Excommunicate Traitoris)
  • Chapter Master – Captain Vetala (de facto Chapter Master)
  • Homeworld – Krodha (Dead World)

For more information on the Tiger Claws please follow the wiki link here.

Back when I was playing 40k (a long time ago now…) I ran this chapter and had great fun collecting and painting the models, a few of which can be found in the gallery here.