eespacemarine1991Net Epic Armageddon is the current version of Games Workshop’s Epic Armageddon rules (released in 2003, final edition 2009). There’s no particular changes between ‘Net’ version and the official Games Workshop set apart from various Army Lists that have been worked on by the community and are available online for casual and tournament play.

These rules have a great pedigree but are very different from their predecessors (Adeptus Mechanicus, Space Marine, Epic 40,000). I think they’re actually a really good set and make for a very fun, engaging game. 6mm is a fantastic scale and lets you simulate huge battles on the tabletop and the science fiction edge and brilliant Warhammer 40K setting makes for a great backdrop for the game. The recent announcement of a refresh to Games workshop’s Specialist Games division could mean that there’s potentially a new set of rules in the making and we may see Epic re-appear on the shelves in the future but there’s actually a great community gamers still playing this and the rules are moderately supported by a host of proxy figures from manufacturers such as Dark Realm Miniatures, Onslaught Miniatures and Troublemaker Games (now Vanguard Miniatures).

gallery_79873_10492_178727The rules themselves are free and can be downloaded from the Net Epic Armageddon Site and there are a variety of army lists, available from the same place or alternatively the EpicUK site.

My figures are all from Vanguard Miniatures.

Who can resist a game where you can have as many monsterous Titans striding across the battlefield, thunderhawks streaking overhead whilst hundreds of troops battle it out on the ground? Well worth checking out, free rules, 6mm is cheap and easy to paint, and you get the glory of a game set with the 40K backdrop without the expense and maintenance required for the full size version!




Mantis Warriors


Tallarn Desert Raiders


Legio Titanicus