From Blitzkrieg to North Africa, from the Russian Front to the D-Day Landings, Bolt Action puts YOU in command of the most brutal and famous battles of the Second World War.

Bolt Action is a great game and presents some really fun action on the tabletop, it got me fully back into WWII 28mm wargaming and is supported by an extensive range of figures from many different manufacturers but in particular, it’s publishers, Warlord Games.  They produce an excellent line of plastic troops and vehicles which gives you plenty of scope to build up a reasonably priced and varied force to take onto the battlefield.

Bolt Action is simple to learn and uses an random activation mechanic rather than the more traditional you-go-I-go approach.  Game play is fast and generates some great moments and heroic actions on the tabletop. I really enjoy the games of Bolt Action that I’ve played and its a good one for picking up at short notice and throwing together a game as the rules are so straight forward. At the same time however this simple nature is also its downfall and it does sometimes feel a little gamey.  Opportunity to manoeuvre is limited and you do tend to revert to two lines of troops having a firefight across the table quite a lot. Even so, it still makes for an enjoyable game which is what its all about really.

There are also plenty of Army books and Campaign or Theatre books to add to the game, increasing it’s depth and historical feel.  As well as this there are spin off such as Konflikt 47, a weird world war II version and other games from Warlord which use similar rules mechanics (Gates of Antares).  Bolt Action Second Edition was released recently, I have to admit i haven’t played as much of this as I have of the original version but they include some good additions and changes to the game to keep it current (and clear) and are as recommended as the first book.  Well done Warlord!

I started off with a German army starter force from Warlord Games and built an army from there. Links to some of the figures can be found in the galleries below:

German Army

British Army