Map of Anyaral

The World of Twilight is an alternate fantasy skirmish game set in the land of Anyaral.  The world centres around the fortunes of the Fubarnii Empire, once slaves of the powerful creatures of the Devanu, now masters to themselves since their superior craftsmanship enabled them construct weapons and to overthrow their oppressors.  The Devanu, a race of vicious predators, are now isolated in an area known as the Argoran Wastelands and frequently raid into Fubarnii territory attacking trade caravans and small settlements.  In order to defeat these raiding parties the Fubarnii have formed units of Knights to keep their people safe. These warriors are always in demand and, as resources grow scarcer, forces are becoming increasingly over stretched… and the raiding parties venturing ever deeper…

This is a really interesting game – something which I came across on Kickstarter a while ago (In fact I think it was the first thing I ever backed).

Nice to see an alternative take on a fantasy setting that doesn’t include the usual races and characteristics.  There is no magic in Anyaral and the books are filled with interesting back-story and Fubarnii history, most of which is available to download from the site I think.  The models are incredibly characterful and I’ve really enjoyed painting my small collection. Mainly because of the unique nature of the figures you can pretty much paint them in whatever colours you feel like and I’ve had great fun putting the forces together with a huge variety of colours and themes (with dinosaur books being my no1 source of information).

Gil Masharl - Travelling Biologist

Gil Masharl – Travelling Biologist

Jenta Spear

Devanu Jenta Spear

The rules themselves are pretty basic and are fast to play with a few different mechanics.

Initiative stones decide the order of play although multiple models can be moved at once using  chain of command system.  Combat is based around a selection of combat stones, boosted by special abilities unique to each unit.  The only time a dice comes into play is rolling for saves.  Use of two types of combat stone (attack and defence) mean that you can tailor your ‘roll’ to favour offence or defence. Combat is pretty brutal but this only adds to the fast play style of the rules, which are certainly fun to play and well worth a go.

The range is expanding and the game now has quite a selection of miniatures and factions to choose from, as well as it’s own gaming day in Guildford, UK.

The official World of Twilight page can be found here and the Facebook page here.

I was lucky enough to pick up 3 factions from the successful Kickstarter ‘Travels Through Anyaral‘.


World of Twilight galleries are accessible using the faction buttons below:


Fubarnii Empire

Fubarnii Empire