Games Section Update

In an effort to update the site I’ve added in the last few wargames I play to the Games section. This area is intended to provide a brief overview of various wargames with links to their main sites and signposts to any galleries I have of painted miniatures etc.  Not all games are on there, but it does cover main ones.  I seem to have so little time now to play or hobby (real life is taking over!) that there are few to list.  It’s also hammered home how out of date I am on some games and it seems to take me so long to play everything that before long a second edition is out before I’ve even got to grips with the first! This is especially true of games like Bolt Action, SAGA and Dreadball.  For Dreadball I haven’t even written an intro as I don’t even own the new edition so it’d be unfair for me to comment on it – one for the future maybe!

In the meantime I’ve added the following games to the section:

All great wargames by Warlord Games, please go and check them out!





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