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It’s been a while since I posted last, however the site hasn’t been inactive since the last blog post and I’ve slowly been adding more images of my figures to the site as and when I can find time to photograph them all.  I thought I’d take the opportunity here to give a quick overview of what’s new and post some of the highlights in a blog post. They’re all in the gallery section in any case so if you want to look at any in detail that’s where to go.

I’ve taken quite a few more pictures recently as I’ve had a bit of a wargames clear out and have been taking some photos to sell some items.  Really sad to see some of my painted figures go but I’m trying to be realistic and if I’m not going to play the game, don’t like it, and can’t use the figures for anything else then they’ve gone into the clear out pile.  A shame but more space and a bit more cash means new projects and more hobby which is good.

Guildball_Fishermen-2First up is some Guild Ball figures, a fisherman team and some other individual players.  I painted these for a weekend tournament I did with some friends.  Have to say, some of the best figures I’ve ever had, they are really nicely detailed and great sculpts. Sadly I wasn’t taken by the actual game, the rules aren’t bad it was just a bit too complex and in depth for me – I struggled to relax and enjoy the games.  Awesome figures though! I painted my fisherman team a bright blue colour and I’m really pleased with how they turned out!

Full Thrust-5Next up is another batch for eBay, my Full Thrust fleets.  A mixture of Ground Zero Games and Ninja Magic ships I did these awhile ago and they stand out really well against the black ‘space’ background. Full Thrust is fun but I think it’s showing its age a bit now and there are so many really nice space games out there at the moment (I really like the Dropfleet Commander models).

Spinne_Scenery-1I’ve also done some more figures for Konflikt 47 including going to town on a spare Spinne I had from my German starter set.  The Spinne is a spider-like light walker for the game and I wanted to do a practical diorama that I could use as a terrain piece after it was finished and so came up with the idea to do one which had crashed through a wall. It fits in with the rest of my wall segments from the collection.

GoA-Concord-3Finally I recently finished painting a Concord Strike Force from the Gates of Antares starter set. These models were a bit fiddly to put together and I found them quite difficult to paint as they had some fairly subtle detail to pick out, but they’ve actually turned out really nice.  Admittedly I’ve also touched a few of them up since taking the photos as I wasn’t happy with the line I had round the drones from my efforts of a glow effect but I still think  they look great. Painting these has reminded me how difficult and time consuming white is to paint! I’ll have to avoid it as a main colour next time!

That’s it for now, if I have time I might explore more of the ranges I’ve spoken about above.  As I said at the start of the post, please have a look at my Gallery if you want to see any more of the images. Thanks!

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