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I remember when I first got into wargaming as a kid (it all started with Hero Quest…) one of the first real wargames I bought from my local toy shop was Space Marine. I thought it was fantastic – I remember spending ages lining all all the troops for battle, setting up the cardboard buildings you got in the box and sorting through all the unit cards.  Having said that I don’t remember actually ever playing a game using the rules in the box but I do remember the excitement about all the figures and contents. There’s something very exciting about arraying your forces forces for inspection ready for the big game and I still spend ages now lining up my figures before packing them away for whatever game I’ve got scheduled.

The other thing that was great about Space marine was the sheer amount you got in the game –
I think it was about three armies (including a titan!), admittedly only basic figures for each force, but I doubt there are many other wargames around today where you get three forces in the box. This was on top of all the scenery and unit cards, presumably excellent value at that time.

I haven’t really picked up on this game since those early days until recently where I happened to find the Net Epic Armageddon site on-line. As far as I am aware this is a community driven continuation of Epic Armageddon, Games Workshops last iteration of the Epic game line whose support they ended around about 2009.  I also stumbled one of Troublemaker Games crowd-funders on IndieGoGo and, after reading through the rules and playing a test game (using the paper counters from the Net EA site), thought I’d give it a go.

SpaceMarine1991ContentI’m now the proud owner of two Imperial forces, all from proxie models with not a GW figure in sight. Although I haven’t been able to play many games as yet its been a really fun project and I’d recommend a venture into 6mm if you’ve never done so. I’ve stuck some pictures of my first army, Mantis Warriors, below.

I also read the news from Games Workshop recently about the reinvigoration of their Specialist Games line, which is great news but does concern me as the the future of this project. There’s a definite trend to 10mm now with the success of games such as Dropfleet commander and with this scale offering GW a tantalising ‘fresh’ start on the model line. I’m sure the figures’ll be amazing but it leaves my poor 6mm forces with not much of a future 🙁  However, there is still hope as there seems to be resurgence of the scale recently and I’ve noticed quite a few new 6mm rulesets appear on the market – Horizon Wars, Age of Tyrants, Polyversal.

So maybe I shouldn’t give up hope just yet and enjoy my games of Epic Armageddon in the knowledge that the future is at least secure for now, with plenty of up and coming rulesets to try yet with my battle-hardened micro 6mm forces…netea_logoAgeofTyrants Polyversal Horizon Wars

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