Blood Bowl

The-Puppeteers-Team-PhotoNow I’ve never owned Blood Bowl in the past but I was invited to a tournament a a friends house and thought I’d give it a go.  My only experience of playing the game was on the PC which was actually a pretty good representation of the game (excluding the dodgy AI) so it took me a while tog et up to speed with the rules. I was surprised to find that the game, despite being discontinued by Games Workshop, enjoys quite a healthy following and support base from places such as the NAF.

One other thing that surprised me was the amount and variety of teams available for the game, and some fantastic ones at that! There’s been some lovely Kickstarters recently for blood bowl teams.  However, I needed a team pronto of this games day, didn’t want to spend a fortune, and couldn’t wait for a Kickstarter to complete, so dibbed for an option from Tor Gaming. These guys were on offer and were a really unique team, I don’t think they exist any more on the Tor Gaming site. They’re fantasy sport versions of their Britanan range for Relics and I think they look really cool all painted up!  I even got a Pupper Master model from their standard range to be my Team Manager.

I used these figures  to represent a human team for the game, it was a lot of fun.  No pictures of the game but I have put some more photos from the ‘Puppeteers’ Team gallery below.  As interesting as blood bowl is I think its showing its age a bit (possibly an unpopular comment?) and could do with speeding up and modernising – we’ll have to see where they go with it as part of the Games Workshop Specialist Game refresh.  I also got Dreadball from Mantic Games a while back which is a fantastic sports-game with great mechanics and play which always seems to keep the play on edge right up until the very end, dare I say it, its even better than Blood Bowl, but that’s a post for another time…

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