Ghar Empire and WWII Truck

More painting done! This time it’s completion of a Ghar Empire force and a WWII German Opel Blitz Truck. If you’re not already aware the Ghar Empire figures are part of the Gates of Antares […]

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Panhuman Concord

…and I’m done – phew! This is a Gates of Antares force for the Panhuman Concord.  I’ve just finished the last few units and am declaring it done (for now…).  This has been a really […]

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Konflikt 47 Battle Report: The Battle for Brussels

APR/MAY 1945 – OPERATION NEWPORT Operation Newport, launched at the end of April 1947, was the Allied answer to Operation Watch, Germany‚Äôs latest offensive in the West attempting to cut Allied forces in two between […]

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Konflikt 47: Operation PIG-STICK and the Battle for Brussels PART II

This is Part II of a Konflikt 47 article I co-wrote with a good friend for the Warlord Games K47 article section.  Part I can be found here and this post follows on from the […]

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Konflikt 47: Operation PIG-STICK and the Battle for Brussels PART I

The following is a Konflikt 47 article I co-wrote with a good friend which was sent to Warlord Games for use in their article section.  Unfortunately a little after it was published the Warlord site […]

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Games Section Update

In an effort to update the site I’ve added in the last few wargames I play to the Games section. This area is intended to provide a brief overview of various wargames with links to […]

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Salute 2017

I was lucky enough to attend Salute 2017 at the weekend – a really good day out and undoubtedly one of the best shows in the country as far as wargaming goes. If you’ve never been […]

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Introducing the War-Pup

Just a quick blog post to mention that the War Terrier now has a new sidekick – the War-Pup! The War-Pup is a  Border Terrier-Patterdale Terrier mix (generally the worse and most badly behaved traits […]

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Gallery Update

It’s been a while since I posted last, however the site hasn’t been inactive since the last blog post and I’ve slowly been adding more images of my figures to the site as and when […]

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Anyaral: World of Twilight

This is one of the figures I’ve recently painted from my Anyaral: World of Twilight (WoT) collection, its a Casanii Erillai rider. World of Twilight is one of those great little games you find within […]

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