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This is one of the figures I’ve recently painted from my Anyaral: World of Twilight (WoT) collection, its a Casanii Erillai rider. World of Twilight is one of those great little games you find within the wargaming community – small companies or groups of friends making figures and rules, promoting their own ideas and creations. You find this a lot in wargaming and its one of the parts of the hobby that I really like. Lots of variety, unique figures, ideas, rules and all sorts more.  Kickstarter is a great medium for this, almost an ideal match and WoT’s new kickstarter campaign is a good example of this.

Mike, who runs WoT, is really enthusiastic about his creation and obviously puts a lot of his spare time into the game, sculpting new minis, writing new rules, drawings, tending the forums, and much more. There’s a nice forum community and the Guildford Games clubs even runs a World of Twilight gaming day which I managed to go to last year.  There are plenty of competitions (from painting to scenery building) and some generous prizes!

World of Twilight’s latest kickstarter is up now and only has around 7 days left. Its an additional faction for the game – the Casanii, a tribal group of fierce Fubarnii warriors (the dominant race in Anyaral) who live in the vast territories of the Southern Empire. The Casanii have some great models from the Erillai rider pictured above, to the scout, and a Warrior Chief. In addition to this the kickstarter has some neat add-ons such as the campaigns signature character: Lortani Pargal, a trader. I was lucky enough to be sent an early copy of this figure to paint and you can see the results of my efforts below.

Loranti Pargal

Loranti Pargal

One of the things I really enjoy about these figures is the complete freedom you have when it comes to painting.  You can let your imagination run wild with all sorts of skin colours and patterns you want  and not be restricted to the usual human palette for your standard figure. I’ve found myself not only looking through dinosaur pictures on the internet but also, in the case of the Erillai rider, aboriginal markings and for Loranti Pagal, Native Indian get-up! I find these models incredibly fun to paint. They’re also really multi-purpose, I can image a brilliant Frostgrave warband of these guys, or cool Kings of war army/unit, or interesting band of adventurers to send into a dungeon. Well worth a go – for more info on the game I have a dedicated page here, or check out their kickstarter. In the meantime here are some of the World of Twilight pictures from my gallery below:

Anyaral: World of Twilight’s homepage can be found here.


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  1. Wouter 05/03/2017 at 20:08 #

    I hadn’t seen all of these on the WoT forum yet.
    The clear vibrant colours you use are absolutely looking great.
    This is especially true on your fubarnii like Loranti, but also on your Militia.

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