OakleyWar TOakley Agilityerrier is a site dedicated to the hobby of Wargaming.

For those of you who already enjoy the hobby this is a site containing images and posts about my various projects and campaigns as I happily amble along my wargaming path, brush in hand.

For those who are new or just stumbled across this site, then please enjoy the galleries and information it contains and hopefully it may inspire you to give it a go.

In any spare moments I have I tend to enjoy browsing through the internet at the many wargaming blogs and sites I can find, and there are plenty out there. ┬áThe internet is a fantastic place to share information and see other people’s work and, over the years, I’ve gained so many tips and tricks from painting to terrain building. It’s fantastic to see all the amazing paint jobs, conversions, and reviews out there and I thought it was high time I made the effort and put some of my own creations up on the web. ┬áThe most enjoyable part of the hobby for me is by far figure painting and, whilst I’m no professional painter, I’ve designed the site to focus on photographs of figures that people can easily browse through without having to search for a particular post. So essentially its a fairly visual blog. Feel free to have a browse, and please leave me some comments if you like what you see!


P.S. In case you are wondering the pictures are of the actual War Terrier – he’s a Border Terrier. Sadly he’s not that into wargaming…