3D Digital Sculpting

T-44This page is really a bit of a plug for my digital sculpting. I’ve picked this up in the last year or so as an extension to my wargaming hobby and have really got into it. With the advent of 3D printing and its growing popularity in the wargames industry I think this aspect of the hobby is being made more and more accessible to the community.  I’d strongly encourage anyone to give it a go, there are plenty of free programs out there from packages like SketchUp and Blender. I was pretty much self taught although did have some history with CAD software. Although professional printing is fairly expensive personal printers are coming down in price and there’s always the affordable option of using sites like Shapeways to print any designs, although I find the quality to be fairly poor on services like these with a grainy finish and not ideal of painting.

Sculpting Commissions

Whilst I wouldn’t class myself as a professional sculptor I do accept commissions and have worked with a few companies so far to produce miniatures in a variety of scales. I am very much a part-time (or more realistically, spare-time) sculptor and so my ability to work to any tight deadlines are limited. At the moment I only really do vehicles and mechanical constructs (I have an engineering rather than art background!) but I’m sure organics will come in the near future! I’ve added a gallery below with some examples of my work, please feel free to have a browse. Its very hard to give a price guide on the work as the amount of time various projects take varies significantly depending on the size of the job, the detail and difficulty of the miniature, its complexity/number of parts and also the level of design required.  If you are interested in a digital sculpt then please get in touch using the contacts page and I can get back to you with some details and pricing.